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    This is an AMAZING product for anybody that owns a blog.  It is a product that people actually have a use for and isn’t just a marketing gimmick.  This product is backed by a TOP-NOTCH support team, your customers are in good hands!

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    Our launches are always successful.  We follow-up with your leads to make sure they know about every part of this funnel.  We’re also hear working with you throughout the whole entire launch. We’re going to do everything we can to help you succeed!

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    We’re offering over $1,000 in prizes to the affiliates that want to play ball.  We want you to be SUCCESSFUL and MOTIVATED with this launch!  The BEST way we know how to do this is by sharing the wealth!  You can also expect daily cash contests!

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    Even though you may be done promoting this launch, we’re going to keep hitting it for you with massive advertising campaigns. There will be re-targeting ads setup throughout the whole launch and we’re going to be running webinars everyday!

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Let Me Tell You More About

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Front End Offer

Blog Fresh Power 2.0 Lite Version

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(there is a powerful Desktop software too in OTO2 to put more money in your pockets)

Amazing Features Inside!

  • Updates all old blog posts at once, adds content and value to older posts AUTOMATICALLY so you don’t have to waste time and money doing it yourself!
  • Seamlessly updates all posts in any category you specify at ONCE! (A HUGE time saver)
  • Keeps your blog fresh and updated, posts rank better than before instead of lowering in SERPs (search engine ranking position)
  • Get FULL update reports with our easily manageable activity log table

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Official Launch Date:

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